What is sewer line insurance? All you need to know at one place

What is sewer line insurance? All you need to know at one place

Sewer line insurance can save your thousands of bucks and you don't have to worry about unexpected malfunctions and faults in sewer line as the insurance company will be covering up all your costs.
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Does standard home insurance covers sewer line expenses?

In most of the cases, absolutely no. A sewer line replacement isn't covered by a standard home insurance. Sewer line is categorized as separate from home insurance because it requires ample amount of money to replace or repair. Moreover, some companies offer sewer backup as an addition to the policy, while most insurance providers cover sewer line replacement as a separate policy.

Is sewer line insurance mandatory?

Absolutely not, it all depends on your choice, whether you want to conduct a sewer drain video inspection on an yearly basis or just sit back and let the insurer handle your problems. At an estimate, houses built around or before 1950s are more prone to frequent sewer line problems and remember that the standard home insurance you're having doesn't cover sewer line at all. Attention if your home and furniture is mostly made of wood then you should get a sewer line insurance without a second thought in mind.

On the other side, if you're living in a brand-new home with the pipeline of PVC or clay, you might not need a sewer line insurance now. But after couple of years, if you're having trouble with your sewer line, then opting for an insurance would be a great asset for your pocket.

Sewer line insurance coverage

If you've purchased or going to purchase a sewer line insurance then you need not to worry about calling drain cleaner company near me again because whenever you experience any type of slow drain, blocked drain, or clogged pipeline, you just have to call your insurance provider and they will take care of all your sewer line issues. Before purchasing a sewer line insurance, you must know what it covers and excludes, read below the coverages.

- Blockage inspection or sewer line damage- All excavation charges to repair damaged pipeline, pipeline replacement, and repair.- Unclogging sewer line- Repairing and replacement of damaged seals and joints.- External valves fitting- Fusing, welding, and pipe cutting- Backfilling all the area disturbed by the sewer line repairing or replacement.

In case you call your insurance provider for sewer line problems, you should know that these companies only engage local and licensed sewer line specialists for your sewer's repair. Moreover, you will sign a form saying that you are wholly-satisfied by the repair and now the sewer line is working completely fine. Unlike calling Colorado Plumbing for frequent sewer line repairs, you can have regular inspection to keep your sewer line free from clogging, sludge build-up or debris.

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